We Don’t Want Your Business!!!

As as an organization, we have taken out advertisements in the local newspapers asking folks to help stop opioid abuse.

Tri-Country Funeral Directors Declare Enough is Enough
Maryland, January 1, 2018– Enough is enough. Local area funeral homes are obviously seeing a
dramatic increase in the number of opioid-related deaths. At a recent association meeting, it was
shocking to see the number of families each funeral home reported dealing with. Small, home town
firms were reporting 10, 15, sometimes 20 opioid related deaths. Dealing with the passing of a loved
one is never easy, but when it’s the senseless loss of our youth, it’s even worse.
James Schwartz, President Tri-Co FD Association. “We see a side of this tragic
epidemic that many don’t see. The devastation families are facing is heart breaking. “
Our association is calling on parents, police and politicians to come together and solve this scourge.
There must be solutions and resources brought to bear against the difficult drug problem.


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